Block Unwanted Calls/SMS Using VBlocker

Have you ever been annoyed with a stream of unwanted text messages flooding your inbox? The answer would be an obvious yes for a majority of us.

There are a good number of text messages that are forwarded to us on a daily basis, from contact numbers that we barely recognize, ranging from advertisements and other offers which we don’t have any need for This makes using the smartphone a nightmarish experience.

So the first thing to ask when you own a smartphone is can you block text messages from a certain number if you feel harassed, offended or just frustrated at the sheer quantity of trash delivered to your inbox? If you are shaking your head in no, then switch to VBlocker at once.

VBlocker is an excellent app for blocking calls and texts from unwanted sources as it does a professional job and you can rest in peace once you have deposited the unwanted sources in the blocklist.

Unlike other blocking applications flooding the playstore, this application will be your loyal companion mainly because this is an app that has no limitations.

There is no limit of contacts that you are allowed to block here at VBlocker which puts in a totally different league compared to any other app in the market that are involved with taking care of unwanted texts and messages.

So you might ask, how is it possible to block text messages from every possible source using the VBlocker? The answer is very simple.

All the other apps that are available in the market will charge and ask you to move to the pro version for blocking unlimited users.

But with VBlocker you will enjoy the facility to add any number of contacts and phone numbers in block list without having to pay any money.

This makes it much easier and convenient to keep your phone away from the reaches of unwanted people and services which ultimately keeps you peaceful.

Can you block text messages with your current text blocker app?

Can you block a text without even looking and the contact number and just checking the past history?

If not, then get rid of your blocker app to save yourself a lot of time and money and embrace VBlocker for every kind of text blocking service.

Using VBlocker you can block a text message with a lot of convenience and much lesser efforts than you would do ordinarily.

There are a whole range of features also available at VBlocker that will ensure high quality service. One of such things is the presence of much lesser number of ads than you would see on any regular text blocker service.

VBlocker believes in providing its users a great experience and realizes that ads come in way of this vision.

For this reason even the regular version of the app is trimmed free of many ads while the premium version boasts of facilities

like no ads whatsoever, password protection, auto response, history export, restores and backups, and plenty of  skins to keep you hooked.

Many hidden features also come handy with VBlocker. Some of them include its usage of very little power which helps avoiding the battery drainage which is a common case with other blockers.

The app is now available for all the android softwares and you could opt for it to make your life hustle free and keep all the unwanted texts away from you.

At VBlocker I am always looking to provide the best experience to my users.

So any queries and complaints would also be appreciated and taken care of instantly.

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